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Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 2/6: Productivity

Reading time: 6 minutes Last week I started with Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. Rapid Learner is a course that guides you through a strategy for learning almost anything as effectively and efficiently as possible. Great for any student or a professional who wants to deepen their knowledge about a certain topic. In my […]

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10x Your Focus: Four Productivity Deadlocks No One Is Talking About

Reading time: 11 minutes Productivity systems. They are great and all, but the ugly truth is… No system or time management in the world can help you. That’s it. You’re doomed. Until you solve this one thing. Energy management All the time management skills, secret formulas, honest-to-god gurus, online course, or voodoo rituals (okay, maybe voodoo rituals) […]

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Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 1/6: Introduction and Crafting my Project

This post is a review of Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. First, I present who Scott is. Then I introduce his course and review the first module. Lastly, I show my completed assignment.

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A Novel Learning Method For Rapidly Mastering Hard Theoretical Subjects

40-60 minute read For highschool and college students, as well as all my fellow self-learners. Learning is a three-phase-cyclic activity. From Tree-Building to Linear-Digging to Project-Making phase. Each knowledge seeker goes through them all. Consciously or unconsciously. Project Mike This blog post is adapted to Textbook Learning. Meaning, it focuses on theoretical knowledge and how […]