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Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 2/6: Productivity

Reading time: 6 minutes Last week I started with Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. Rapid Learner is a course that guides you through a strategy for learning almost anything as effectively and efficiently as possible. Great for any student or a professional who wants to deepen their knowledge about a certain topic. In my […]

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Becoming a Rapid Learner, Part 1/6: Introduction and Crafting my Project

This post is a review of Scott H. Young course Rapid Learner. First, I present who Scott is. Then I introduce his course and review the first module. Lastly, I show my completed assignment.

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A Novel Learning Method For Rapidly Mastering Hard Theoretical Subjects

40-60 minute read For highschool and college students, as well as all my fellow self-learners. Learning is a three-phase-cyclic activity. From Tree-Building to Linear-Digging to Project-Making phase. Each knowledge seeker goes through them all. Consciously or unconsciously. Project Mike This blog post is adapted to Textbook Learning. Meaning, it focuses on theoretical knowledge and how […]