Email Marketing for Dietary Supplement Companies

You work hard getting leads to your site… Don’t let them bounce! Catch their email, keep them in the loop and nurture them towards a sale… Again and again! Simply the most effective way to increase lifetime value of every customer!

Do Business The Right Way

If you have an online business then you’ll sooner or later find out that your Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Youtube ads are not raking in the moolah you hoped for…

You see, you spend up to $1 (and more) to get one visitor to your site… But then they bounce right off like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh…

Why’s that? Well… There’s plethora of personal and technical reasons your potential customer might have. Their wifi connection might be bad, a friend interrupted them, or their boss walked in on them browsing…

Whatever the case, you don’t want them to forget about you! So in order to cash in on the bouncers (and make your ad campaigns profitable), you need to offer them an (awesome & useful) gift in exchange for their email address… As Soon As Possible.

By deeply knowing your clients and their problems, I can an amazing lead magnet.

Because that’s the ONLY way to start a conversation. Now, your job is to nurture the prospect, build trust and make them like you enough so that the next time they’ll have time to browse and enter “the buying mode”, you WILL be on top of their mind.

And that’s where I come in.

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1. Free Warm Advertising. Forever.

The whole point of Email Marketing is having a two-way conversation with your future and past customers.

Remember your good old friend from high school? Even on your busiest day, if you met him on the street you’d lit up. It’s just that… You love talking to him! He’s smart, interesting and engaging. And you trust him. So when he says you should do this or buy that – you listen and consider.

Through friendly, informational, and engaging newsletter, I help your company become that friend.

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2. Increase Your Revenue, Faster.

We start with a conversation that builds trust. But the core goal of Email Marketing is to get people back onto your site and SELL.

By having a conversation with your customers, you can easily identify key pain points and problems they’re having. Now all you have to do is generate excitement as you (re)launch your product and position it as a solution to their problem.

Right now, your email campaigns, automations and newsletters are probably focused on your business. I’ll help you focus on your customers, creating a compelling narrative that speaks to what they care about.

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3. Make Selling Personal. And Automatic.

Now that you have a conversation rolling and various sequences in place (that automate selling like a team of a thousand pre-programmed salesmen)… It’s finally time to test and optimize.

If your email marketing system doesn’t work or you have a weak copy, I’ll set up new systems from scratch or provide you with a copy that is effective and fits the tone of your company.

Finally, if you already have a solid cold and systems in place, but just want better results… I’ll help you write many email copy variations for you to A/B split tests.

Here’s What I Do

Standalone Emails

Simple emails designed to drive readers to a sales, landing or a product page.

Autoresponder Sequences

Product launches, Offers, Welcome sequences, Upsells, Lead Nurture, Cart abandonment and follow up sequences that persuade the customer to make a purchase.

Newsletter Content

Informational content written in a conversational tone, made to build trust and rapport with your email list subscribers.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Rewriting and reorganizing your existing copy in order to increase conversion rates.

Email Strategy & Campaigns

I’ll plan and set up a multiday email marketing campaign made to fullfil one objective – sales, engagement, nurture, list building, …

Email Lead Generation

Lead magnets, website funnels

Email Copy Coaching

I’ll coach your or your copywriters how to write copy for email marketing

Starting From Scratch

Helping you set up your email marketing system from scratch (Together we’ll choose the right email service provider and set up your first email automations.)

What To Expect From Me

I’m a straightforward guy, and I like to work with straightforward people.

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1. Research & Consultation.

First I’ll review your existing website, email marketing strategies and email sequences to determine how you can benefit from my services. I’ll follow up with a price and project timeline. Project fee can vary from $100 for single extra-short emails, to $4k+ for complete email marketing set up with a custom lead magnet, autoresponder sequences and more.

Once we’ve decided to move forward, I’ll send you an indepth questionnaire designed to help me better understand your business, target audience, and competition.

After reviewing your answers we can, if required, hop on a call and have a more in-depth discussion about your goals.

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2. Mockup Plan & Strategy

After we discuss everything needed, I’ll start planning out the autoresponer systems, email drafts and the overall newsletter strategy. (Depending on which service you choose.)

Within a few days I’ll submit my final plan into review. If you agree with my ideas I’ll start executing them right away.

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3. Final Draft & Unlimited Revisions.

I’ll write and edit the copy to the best of my ability. I’ll send you the copy in the form of Google Docs within the scheduled delivery date, agreed upon earlier. This might be anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks.

I have a 100% client satisfaction record, and I offer unlimited revisions for the period of one month after submitting my final draft… As long as revisions are within the direction of the copy agreed upon in the beginning.

Simply add comments in the Google Doc. I’ll fix sections that will improve the copy, but warn you against making changes that might, in my opinion, weaken the copy. However… At the end of the day YOU get the final say. The copy must not only convert, but also make you excited about your emails.


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